Agency: Döðlur
Production Company: Skot
Director: Allan Sigurðsson
Director of Phototgraphy: Elli Cassata

Online, Grading & VFX: Bjarki Guðjónsson
Sound Design: Nick Cathcart-Jones & Ívar Kristjánsson


Trickshot helped skot kick off the holiday season at Stöð 2 (Channel 2) with this festive Christmas spot that Allan Sigurðsson directed.


Geysir - Reykjavíkurnætur


Trickshot teamed up with Geysir for the winter line 2016/2017 video.


Agency: E & Co.
Director: Einar Geir Ingvarsson
Director of Phototgraphy: Árni Filippus

Online & Grading: Bjarki Guðjónsson

Trickshot teams up with UN WOMEN

Trickshot is proud to support UN Women with this campaign video in an effort to help provide war ridden women with dignity kits.

Agency: Döðlur
Production Company: Skot
Director: Samúel & Gunnar
Director of Photography: Óttar Guðnason

Online & Grading: Bjarki Guðjónsson
Sound Design: Nick Cathcart-Jones & Ívar M. Kristjánsson

Fangar / Prisoners trailer released

Mystery Productions and Trickshot are currently in post production on the nordic drama series Fangar (Prisoners).

“Fangar / Prisoners” is directed by Ragnar Bragason (Metalhead, Mr. Bjarnfredarson, Fiasco) and produced by Mystery Productions in co-production with Vesturport & RÚV and in association with DR, NRK, SVT & YLE. Premieres on RUV Sunday, January 1st 2017, on Netflix from February 2017.

Teaser for "Grimmd" released

We at Trickshot are thrilled to work with director Anton Sigurðsson on the teaser for the movie "Grimmd". The movie will be released the 21st of october by Virgo Film. Starring Margrét Vilhjálmsdóttir and Sveinn Ólafur Gunnarsson.

"Grimmd" is an Icelandic thriller. Two young girls disappear from a playground and when the girls are found dead in the woods, a focused search begins for the killer. Horrible and disturbing stories emerge and weave their way into the case as the search develops.

Island songs Premieres at rough trade

Over a period of 7 weeks, Ólafur Arnalds traveled to 7 different locations in Iceland – one per week – to record a series of new compositions.

In each location he collaborated with local artists to create and perform a new song and each week he released the audio track and video performance. Shot by director Baldvin Z. each artist has their own unique story to tell, making this a diverse and evolving project.

Island Songs is a living musical film and therefore everything is documented in real-time.

Keep frozen competing at Nordisk Panorama

We are thrilled to hear that Hulda Rós Guðnadóttir's documentary "Keep Frozen" is competing for the sought after best documantary prize at the Nordisk Panorama festival.

Trickshot is taking over a new space

It is with great pleasure that we inform you that on 9th of September, we opened our doors to more spacious and comfortable surroundings. It is the same address, but our phone number has changed. It is +354 416 0400.

If you have any questions about the new location or our services, please call us and we’ll be happy to help. We look forward to seeing you at our new location.

The swan starts shooting

Shooting for the film "The Swan" the first movie of Ása Helga Hjörleifsdóttir started in July. Þorvaldur Davíð Kristjánsson, Þurðiður Blær Jóhannsdóttir and Gríma Valsdóttir take the leading roles. The location is in beautiful Svarfaðardal on the North coast.

Trickshot is overseeing and managing DIT.