Trickshot is a full-service premium post production operation for dailies creation, conforming, color grading, VFX integration and audio post-production. Trickshot is housed at the spacious new facility in Krókháls.



 When shooting in Iceland, Trickshot offers off-set deliverables for any size of production. We can provide any format required, allowing editors to receive their media in native format as well as directors and crew to have access to dailies online.


Trickshot’s offers seasoned online editors set up to work in any resolution and deliver in any format the client requires.  Trickshot knows time is extremely precious and has built their pipeline to accommodate these requirements for extreme efficiency.

The conform department is often a first line for light VFX and beauty [cosmetic] services. Trickshot’s finishing department has saved many shows a significant amount of time so that VFX resources can be used as efficiently as possible.


Trickshot is on the leading edge of mastering services for every delivery specification our clients require. As part of the Deluxe family, we make it easy for filmmakers to order any and every delivery format they desire.

Trickshot's infrastructure allows us to work in every format (DPX,  .r3d, native, ARRIRAW) that production can bring into the shop-and tailol the look for any delivery specification, including 2K, 4K UHD, rec 2020, HDR, Dolby Vision and every other spec required.



Sound services



Our mixing suite is loaded with industry standard tools to complete any project at hand. We strive for consistency. We have the latest gear, and award-winning mixers, who will guarantee what you hear in our rooms is what you will hear on air.


With our custom ADR package we can seamlessly ingest your cue sheets and move forward at a moment’s notice. We can match any mic that was used on location, which allows the client to focus more on the performance and forget about the logistics.

Audio restoration & noise reduction

Bad Production tracks, unwanted noise, clipping, and environmental hums pose no problem to our cutting edge tools for treating previously unusable audio. Our goal is to help you create a seamless dialogue and production track.



Is your talent in Reykjavík but your client is in New York?  Let us record the talent in our award winning audio suites while the client listens in.  All suites are capable of pulling in voiceover from anywhere in the world. We can even be present on set for location records to ensure the highest level of audio quality throughout your project.

Dialogue recording & Editing

With our superior mic collection we can match the right mic to any vocal talent. After the Voice Over or dialogue is recorded we can help you build the best takes to elevate your production.  We ensure that all dialogue is clearly intelligible for your audience.

VO casting

Take advantage of our extensive network and let us provide casting for any project.  We’ll help you audition, budget, and book either union or non-union talent, to ensure you find the right voice for your production.


Bjarki Guðjónsson

Colorist, VFX, Finishing.

Kiddi Kristjáns

Motion Design, VFX

Luis Ascanio

Colorist, Finishing


Nick Cathcart-Jones

Senior Sound Design

Hermann H. Hermannsson

Editor, Finishing.


Ívar M. Kristjánsson

Sound Designer


Pétur Karlsson

Visual Effects


Úlfur Teitur Traustason